Holy Baptism

There are many turning points in life. Think of riding a two wheeled bicycle for the first time without the need of any help to keep you upright; your first day at school; getting a driving licence; our maiden flight in an aeroplane, when a parent allowed us to stay out late; our first kiss …

Holy Baptism is a turning point in life.  It is when we make a decision that we wish it to be known by our family, friends and the wider community that being committed to Jesus and His Church is important to us and our child.  I read somewhere of Holy Baptism described as “Incorporation into Christ”.  Now that is well worth spending a few moments pondering on because to ask a Priest for the rite of Holy Baptism is to request that the person being baptised is “incorporated into Christ”.

If you do request Holy Baptism from me then I am required through my Holy Orders to provide the parents of the baptismal candidate with adequate preparation.  I will go through the actual act of worship with the parents, explaining what it means to live as a baptised child of Jesus Christ and assuring them of my on-going support after their child has been baptised.

Holy Baptism is rich in symbolism. We use water, oil and light (a candle), we say prayers, we praise God for his goodness, we remember how Moses was challenged by God to lead the people of his era to a better place in life, we thank God that he leads us to a better place in life when we listen to him and obey him, and we rejoice that Jesus called for the little ones to come to him. We make you, your friends and family feel as welcome as we possibly can.  We will show you that we care for you and will go on caring about you.  We will emphasise that the Church is here for you when you face challenging times.

Holy Baptism happens at the 08:30 Sunday act of worship at St John Sorrento and at the 10:30 act of worship at St Andrew Rye. We cannot provide Holy Baptism every Sunday in the month so you need to contact the Vicar to talk about which dates he is able to offer before making any social arrangements.

Finally, as with many things in the world, the Church has rules and regulations. The rule regarding Holy Baptism is that at least one parent of a (infant/child) baptismal candidate has to have been previously baptised and it is not permissible to choose non-baptised Godparents.  There is also no charge or fee for Holy Baptism, thus making a wonderful point that God freely loves us.

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