The clergy and parishioners of the Anglican Parish of St John’s Sorrento and St Andrew’s Rye welcome you to our website!

Our Parish is a place of Hospitality, Creativity, Justice, Spirituality and Healing where all generations are welcome to join us in Worship.

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0408 239 678

Message from our Vicar:

At the time of my early ministry as a Parish Priest I’d use some of my rest days to go with my wife and four kids and our cairn terrier dog (Eric) and climb some of the mountains of South Wales.  Sugar Loaf, Mt Blorenge and the Brecon Beacons were favourite walking spots for us.  I’m not sure if I could climb those mountains and hills of South Wales as fast as I did then. It’d take quite a bit more effort now that I’m older. 

The frontage at St John’s Sorrento is rather steep. Some people do not find it easy to walk up the slope and climb the deep steps into church. A big decision has been made to do something about that. Soon after 18 June work will begin making the access into and out of St John Sorrento more straightforward. The project has been well planned and tastefully designed. We hope it will be accomplished by the end of October.  We have faith that you will like it when it is finished and see it as a great benefit to the whole parish.   

Please try to support the development through making a donation. Your donation will help others to reach the top and not feel as if they have been forgotten or left at the bottom.


The development aiming to improve access to St John Sorrento is progressing.  The construction site remains hazardous and therefore the Wardens and Vicar, acting upon further advice given by the Architect, have suspended worship at St John Sorrento until pedestrian access from the public footpath to church is less-hazardous and poses no risk of injury. Each Sunday at St Andrew Rye a Warden gives an update on the project. The weekly pattern of worship on Wednesdays and Sundays at St Andrew Rye is unaffected.


Fr Nick.