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Today is the 5th Sunday of Lent. Next week is Palm Sunday at both churches. Rev Bruce will preside and I will preach. There will be the traditional blessing of the palm crosses. Anyone who wants to, can process with me and Rev Bruce from the outside of church to the inside of church as we sing the opening hymn. Otherwise, take a pew and sing along.

Holy Week and Easter: Bishop Paul has kindly agreed to provide some Holy Week reflections in person within the parish. The dates and times will be:

  • Tuesday 30 March 10:00 at St John Sorrento
  • Wednesday 31 March 10:00 at St Andrew Rye
  • Maundy Thursday 1 April 10:00 at St John Sorrento.

All the above will be Holy Communion. [There will be no Maundy Thursday evening service this year. The morning service is it].

On Good Friday there will be the Liturgy of the Cross at St John Sorrento (08:30) and at St Andrew Rye (10:30).

On Easter Day there will be Holy Communions at 07:30; 09:00 and 10:30 at St John Sorrento. There will be Holy Communion at St Andrew Rye at 10:30.

It is probable that over Holy Week & Easter the quotient attendance limit of 65 persons per service will still be in force due to the Covid-19 laws. In the likelihood of that being the case, worshippers will need to book in advance for Good Friday & Easter Day, as was the situation at Advent and Christmas. I am taking bookings for Good Friday and Easter Day as of now. Call me on 0408 239 678 to reserve a place.

Sunday 16 May. Bishop Paul will join us for a special Choral Evensong at St John Sorrento at 5pm (note the change of time). He will dedicate the organ and receive anyone who wishes to be welcomed as a new member of the Anglican Communion. So far, seven worshippers will be warmly received. There is space for others in our Parish who were not baptised as Anglicans and would like to become members of the Anglican Church. Please contact me if you wish your name to be added. Do call me if you have any questions about reception (being received). I’d be happy to help. Other than the names of those supporting people to be received and the choir, I am NOT taking bookings yet for this service. So please do not contact me this far in advance. I need to prioritise telephone bookings for Good Friday and Easter Day first. I will give a date for Sunday May 16 bookings post-Easter.

Bread Café: It was voted on and passed unanimously by Parish Council that we should offer the free bacon, egg, sausage and bap breakfasts with tea, coffee and toast every Thursday with immediate effect. This means cooking about 120 breakfasts each week for Rye school students, parents of children, teachers, grave-diggers from the cemetery, and other folk who like to come along to St Andrew’s for companionship and food. If just 3 new volunteers come forward, we can create two teams from the current faithful band of 10 volunteers, meaning it would not have to be a weekly commitment for the volunteers. If you, or someone else, can offer only one shift a month (07:30 – 09:00) we will accept that gratefully and joyfully.

5th Sundays in the month: I announced to Parish Council last week that starting Sunday 30 May we will resume our 5th Sunday in the month joint acts of worship in the parish. We suspended the pattern due to the Coronavirus outbreak. On 30 May it will be held at St Andrew Rye (10:30), with the possibility of us sharing in a light lunch afterwards (subject to whatever the Covid rules will be by then).

Bibles: Over the past month I have been given four bags laden with unwanted bibles. The bibles have come to me from our Op-Shops. May I make a bold suggestion (request)? Couldn’t the bibles be offered to customers with a smile and with the words: “would you like a free bible?” Maybe they’d like the offer. One of my prayer cards could be given also. I have a healthy supply of prayer cards if the Op-Shops run out of them.

Holy Baptism: It is a pleasure to be receiving baptism enquiries again after lockdown and restrictions. Pia Marlee Skye Driscoll was baptised by me at St John’s. Her parents (Alissa and Stacey) kindly gave me permission to publicise this photo of her (and me) at the font.

Clergy moves in our deanery: Fr Pollard is leaving Rosebud with McCrae sometime after Easter Day to go to Geelong. Rev Furphy is leaving Flinders with Balnarring on 18 April to go to Black Rock. Pray for those parishes as they enter interregnum.

Fr Nick


0408 239 678

This is our Double Delight Rose. Not only has it beautiful colours, the perfume is divine. Literally brings so many people such pleasure who have seen it. Thank you God for our beautiful nature.., and indeed for a nose to inhale the perfume, and eyes to see their beauty.

Elaine and Peter Wilson, Mt Eliza

Gilly (Libby) and our youngest grandson Jacob, who nearly died at 3 weeks of age from Meningitis. He is now strong, growing well, walking, naughty, and a beacon of hope and happiness.