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The Parish of St. John’s Sorrento with St. Andrew’s Rye is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children and young people in their care, including those who participate in parish activities and/or programs, or use the Parish’s facilities.
Children need to feel safe in terms of their:
• Environment
• Identity and Culture
• Communication and/or Physical barriers
• Accessibility
• Diversity of background and/or other influences
The Parish recognises that children and young people have insights into their lives, needs and the world around them and it is their human right to be heard on matters affecting their lives.
The Child Safe Standards recognise that children and young people bring unique capabilities, experiences and views that can assist organisations to be child safe. Our Parish values and celebrates children and young people for who they are and the contributions they can make. We also recognise that because of their age, children and young people can be disempowered and are at greater risk of experiencing harm.
Empowerment and participation are particularly important for children and young people who are more likely to be misunderstood, marginalised or discriminated against. This includes children who are Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, from newly arrived communities, who identify as LGBTQIA+ or who have a disability. This Parish wants to provide a safe place that is culturally safe, inclusive, welcoming, and accessible.