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Holy Baptism

Children and Adults need to be strong to face the challenges of the world. Holy Baptism teaches that in God we can find strength. Holy Baptism teaches that faith in God will help us to triumph over evil. That’s what Jesus did. He triumphed over evil because He was brave and courageous and had great faith in His Father in heaven. Through Holy Baptism, and by living as baptised people, Jesus will help us to be brave and courageous so that evil does not win.

We require our baptism families to worship with us for a minimum of 3 Sundays prior to the baptism service. We do not insist that they have to be 3 concurrent Sundays. You can choose to worship at either of our two churches for those 3 Sundays. It will not affect which church you’d prefer the baptism to take place at.

We baptise at our main acts of worship on Sundays. Our Sunday worship is at 08:30 for Sorrento and 10:30 for Rye.

To assist us with ever-increasing costs in maintaining our two historic places of worship, we are asking baptism families to kindy donate $200 per baptism. If there are reasons of financial hardship why this is not possible, please speak to Fr Nick in confidence.