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God’s love and power is victorious over death. The Resurrection of Jesus on the first Easter Day, when the tomb in which His body was laid was shown to be empty, is proof of that. Since the early Christians of the 1st Century AD, the Church has proclaimed with confidence that there is hope in death, as there is in life. Christians believe that there is a new and eternal life in Christ when we die.

This is why we at St John Sorrento and St Andrew Rye offer a funeral service which includes praises to Jesus, thanking Him for what He has done to set us free from the tyranny of everlasting death. A funeral in our parish gives space for the loved-ones of the deceased to embrace memories of the deceased. It also allows mourners to express feelings of sorrow and loss. Our church funerals are a sacred occasion for mourners to reflect upon their own mortality too; for as those who have gone before us, we who are still alive will make that same journey heavenwards someday.

Fr Nicholas Robert Wallace